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more than…101 Inexpensive and Easy Ways to Promote YOUR Church Event!

BySherea VeJauan

A few years after serving as the Director of Communications and Children’s Ministries at my church, I discovered two things: (1) we need to promote our events, and (2) we don’t have a big budget. In this economy, it is my desire that the church does not get left behind. I wrote this book to assist churches in overcoming “the empty-chair syndrome” when planning and promoting events. Failing to put together a marketing plan can result in a waste of church resources. The tips listed in this book are very practical, yet, many times overlooked. Most of these ideas can be implemented with a very small budget, or no budget at all. This book includes: • More than 101 ideas to promote your next church event • Campaigns to consider when planning your church’s annual events • Worksheets to list your church’s annual events • Sherea’s favorite resource list


Publication Date
Oct 14, 2013
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By (author): Sherea VeJauan



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