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Research LInKS: Leadership, Innovation, Knowledge, and Skills in the 21st Century

BySherwin Jay Prado Palaspas

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The 21st Century has posed a lot of challenges to us. Will these challenges make or break us? The answer lies in our hands. RESEARCH LInKS (Leadership, Innovation, Knowledge and Skills in the 21st Century) is anchored to empower Filipino research teachers in overcoming the challenges of teaching research subjects particularly in the Senior High School as embedded in the K-12 Curriculum. The book features three significant chapters namely: Unveiling the World of Research; Research and Leadership; and Innovations in Research, which aims to equip readers particularly research teachers and students with both time-tested and modern insights, techniques, and strategies in the field of research. It enables them to creatively and effectively cope with the emerging challenges in the field of education. Moreover, the book is being presented in a simple yet comprehensive manner in order for readers of different walks of life be able to internalize the concepts easily. Also, it is anchored to the values of leadership and innovation as essential aspects of the research process. It goes beyond just the knowledge and skills being learned for it even reaches to the very depths and soul of the research process. Let us go back to the question: Will the challenges make or break us? Again, the answer is indeed in our hands. Why not flip the pages to know the answer? Yes, indulge yourself with this humble book. Create a link between you and this book. At the end of the day, it is research that will save us from the gutters of ignorance.


Publication Date
Feb 2, 2022
Education & Language
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By (author): Sherwin Jay Prado Palaspas


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