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Surviving The Fire of Divorce

ByShila Amos-Efe

Surviving the Fire of Divorce is a well researched Christian self help guide to surviving divorce. It enables you to learn more about divorce and the challenges that it carries. With the help of real case scenarios it explores the entire process of divorce, helping you to be more informed about the steps and the emotional challenges associated with it. This book takes you a step further, giving you step by step guide to overcoming challenges in dealing with the decision to remarry, children and step family and rebuilding financial stability. Covering divorce in such debt, this book would also be beneficial to those helping loved ones who are dealing with the struggles of divorce as there are some practical help that would enable you to offer effective support when it is needed most. Learn from other's experience to analyze your actions more carefully and understand where you went wrong in order to work on a better happier you.


Publication Date
Sep 29, 2011
Personal Growth
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By (author): Shila Amos-Efe



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