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Ysabeau - A new life

ByShinji Suzuki

Feeling neglected by Brindie, and seeing Chooli as an intruder who messes up Ysabeau's relationship with Brindie, a lot of bad emotions had built up inside the blonde Canadian. Unable to get the topic on the table in an appropriate manner frustration and hate piled up with no possibility to vent some steam. One day it simply was to much to contain. Ysabeau called it quits, and she broke up with Brindie, leaving her behind when she went back to Canada. However, those months she had been under pressure affected her character. She became meaner, and due to her extreme workout sessions that made her a lot stronger she developed a big mouth. She went out seeking fights in bars just to be able to beat someone up. Her cute face misleads her targets thinking she is easy to take, but they very early learn that this is not the case. One evening in a bar in Valcartier, Canada, she meets four soldiers. She confronts them, they get into a heated argument that ends with Sergeant Madigan challenging her to fight...


Publication Date
Jun 10, 2019
Comics & Graphic Novels
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Shinji Suzuki



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