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Death of a Bad Neighbour: Revenge is Criminal (Sunrise cover)

Crime Anthology

ByJack CalverleySteve Hockensmith

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15 all-new stories "Great Title!" - Mariella Frostrup live on Times Radio (May 2022) on hearing the title in passing From both new and established, award-winning and best-selling authors - Why is Kathy next door being stalked? - Why must Nigel sneak out of his own home? - What happened to the woman who cried cat? - Who killed the rock star caveman? - What is Sir Fergus Allison's bench for? Tales of intrigue and mystery, crime and revenge. What will the neighbors do about, or to, the bane of their lives? "I've really enjoyed these short stories! Made me laugh, surprised me, and shocked me! An excellent anthology." - Richard Walters, UK (reader via Facebook, April 2022) Visit a world where the intolerable few, who create hell for the rest, get their comeuppance. Stories from Hilary Davidson, Steve Hockensmith, L. C. Tyler, Marilyn Todd, Dave Zeltserman, Warren Moore, Robert Lopresti, Nick Manzolillo, Kevin Quigley, Eve Elliot, Eve Morton, Kay Hanifen, Wendy Harrison, Shiny Nyquist, and F. D. Trenton. "Jack Calverley has done a really good job of the ordering of the stories, you know, so each story is a bit different from the one before, and that's a knack I think to editing a short story collection, is getting that right and I think he's definitely got that right... but, yeah, a very entertaining collection." - CriminOlly BookTube reviewer (Olly Clarke on YouTube, April 9th 2022) You love crime & mystery? - This anthology was created for you! Whatever else you do, try the preview... (copy and paste the link below into the address field in a new tab in your browser)


Publication Date
Jun 4, 2022
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
Edited by: Jack Calverley, By (author): Steve Hockensmith, By (author): Hilary Davidson, By (author): Dave Zeltserman, By (author): Robert Lopresti, By (author): L. C. Tyler, By (author): Marilyn Todd, By (author): Kevin Quigley, By (author): Warren Moore, By (author): Eve Morton, By (author): Eve Elliott, By (author): F. D. Trenton, By (author): Wendy Harrison, By (author): Kay Hanifen, By (author): Nick Manzolillo, By (author): Shiny Nyquist


Interior Color
Black & White
Digest (5.5 x 8.5 in / 140 x 216 mm)

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