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SUMMARY - Hiring For Attitude: A Revolutionary Approach To Recruiting And Selecting People With Both Tremendous Skills And Superb Attitude By Mark Murphy

ByShortcut Edition

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* Our summary is short, simple and pragmatic. It allows you to have the essential ideas of a big book in less than 30 minutes. By reading this summary, you will discover that a good collaborator is someone who, beyond being competent, has an attitude that coincides with your corporate culture. You will also discover that : a person can be competent, but unsuitable for your work environment; problems of maladjustment and motivation are the first causes of failure in hiring ; traditional recruiting methods must be reviewed, as they do not allow for the recruitment of real talent; to attract talented people, you need to show them what makes your company a unique place to work. Until now, companies have been recruiting by focusing on the skills of the candidates. These are obviously important, but they do not guarantee employee performance. Indeed, who would want to work with someone who is expert in his or her field, but unpleasant, selfish and stubborn? Mark Murphy discovered that the majority of hiring errors were due to relationship problems: difficulties adapting, listening or lack of motivation. To remedy this, he suggests that you think about recruitment differently, that you value the attitude of the person in the workplace. Don't recruit an impersonal CV anymore, choose the right person for you! *Buy now the summary of this book for the modest price of a cup of coffee!


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Jun 18, 2021
Business & Economics
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