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The Communique - March 2021

ByShrestha SharmaLakshita Pattnaik

Hi Friends, Before I write anything else, here’s a big thank you to all of you who write to us. Your messages and mails are encouraging and inspiring. They definitely help Team Communique To think of more ideas to write stories and come up with more exciting competitions. So do keep writing ! Going on we have stepped into March that is the month that usually spells ‘exams’ and ‘stress monsters’. Worry not, I am sure this issue will help you get a break from the tougher times waiting ahead ! However, have you ever noticed that sometimes we tend to stress about . . . . . stress ! When we stress out, our parents or friends tell us to keep our mind calm and breathe deeply, but we end up sounding like a train chugging and our heartbeats are no less than drumbeats! Because then we start stressing about relaxing ! So what to do ? Easy – peasy ! Just replace the word ‘stress’ in your brain by ‘excitement’. And then use up the energy as a fuel for your hard work ! To all those of you celebrating Holi on 28th and 29th March, do remember to play a safe holi. Happy Holi from Team Communique ! Also it’s World Wildlife Day on 3rd March. Happy Reading, Shrestha


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Dec 29, 2021
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Editor-in-chief: Shrestha Sharma, Managing editor: Lakshita Pattnaik, Managing editor: Nivedhittha N



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