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A biophilic year

365 thoughts on the essence and practice of biophilic design

BySilvia Ceria

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What is biophilic design? And why does it matter so much now? A Biophilic Year captures the essence of biophilic thinking and design in a compact form. Through 365 aphorisms, the book explores the value of placing people and nature at the very top of any design brief. Offering insights and suggesting practical design advice, A Biophilic Year highlights the connections of biophilic thinking with sustainability, interior design and architecture, urban planning, and the way in which we see the world as a whole. → A journey that doesn’t end on paper… A Biophilic Year continues online on, in a dedicated blog column that expands on the book’s aphorisms with more insights and visual inspiration. → Who is it for? A Biophilic Year can be an intriguing introduction to the topic of biophilic design as well as an inspiring tool for those that are already familiar with the subject. Overall, this book is suitable for practitioners, students and enthusiasts in the fields of interior design, architecture, landscape design, environmental studies, and urban planning. → Why a book of aphorisms? Because sometimes a concise sentence is more powerful than long pages of words. The beauty of aphorisms is that reading the same words at different times often yields a different thought and two people reading the same words could come up with different ideas. This is the strength of this book: being a guide that leaves space for imagination and interpretation, setting a direction for creative thinking to unfold.


Publication Date
Jan 4, 2022
Home & Garden
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By (author): Silvia Ceria


Interior Color
A5 (5.83 x 8.27 in / 148 x 210 mm)

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