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Peter Black and the Mystery of Craven's Lake

BySimon Halliday

Ebook available for download. 'The Mystery of Craven's Lake' introduces us to Peter Black and his family. It's a work of crime/mystery fiction suitable for 9 year-olds and above. Peter and his brother James become suspicious about the activities of their neighbour Mr. Craven. As they begin to investigate they quickly find themselves immersed in a very unexpected crime drama. There are clues around Mr. Craven's lake, at their school summer fair and even in Mr. Craven's house - but getting locked up in rat-infested cellars and in secret storerooms of stolen goods is not James's idea of fun. Peter has a sharp enough mind, however, to make all the right connections and enlist the help of their school teachers as well. There are dreams, ghosts, magic, technology and mystery to assist the brothers - but will James's ridiculous sense of humour and comical rapport with Peter be a help or a hindrance to their case? (Please note this is not a physical item but may be read and printed from your computer).


Publication Date
Oct 30, 2007
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Simon Halliday



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