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The TYCHOS - Our Geoaxial Binary System (2nd Edition)

BySimon ShackJesper Sampaio

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The TYCHOS model revives the geometric configuration of our Solar System as proposed by Tycho Brahe and his assistant Christen Longomontanus. Although long forgotten by most people, their system remained the prevailing ‘world view’ for almost a century after Brahe’s death, while the Copernican heliocentric theory struggled to gain acceptance among the world’s scientific communtity. The most striking feature of the so-called “Tychonic” model were the intersecting orbits of the Sun and Mars, yet we now know this to be an unmistakable ‘signature’ of a binary star system. In this richly-illustrated book, it is demonstrated that the Sun and Mars constitute a binary system, much like the vast majority–or possibly all–of our surrounding stars (as only realized and acknowledged in modern times). In our system, the Earth is located at or near the barycentre of the Sun-Mars binary duo and moves at ‘snail-pace’ around its own orbit in 25344 years - a period commonly known as the ‘precession of the equinoxes’. It is a common misconception that the heliocentric model as envisioned by Copernicus, Kepler and Galileo has by now been fully confirmed; on the contrary, it is afflicted by numerous aberrations and incongruities which, when viewed ‘through the TYCHOS lens’, simply vanish and/or find logical and rational solutions. Five years of further research separate this substantially refined and expanded 2nd Edition from the first; the tenets of the TYCHOS model are methodically tested against numerous famed or lesser-known experiments and puzzles of astronomy, most of which are still lacking satisfactory answers. Time and again, the TYCHOS provides both qualitative and quantitative resolutions to these quandaries, in such a regular and systematic fashion that cannot be reasonably ascribed to chance. In the largest chapter of the book dedicated to Halley's comet (notoriously celebrated as the 'ultimate proof' of Isaac Newton's gravitational theories), it is exhaustively demonstrated how only the TYCHOS model can account for the famous comet's observed behaviour throughout the centuries. The geometry and mechanics of the TYCHOS model are supported and enacted by the Tychosium 3D simulator, a digital orrery of our Solar System currently being developed by Patrik Holmqvist and Simon Shack. It is freely accessible online at and we are confident that it will become, in due time, the most accurate simulator of our Solar System ever devised.


Publication Date
Nov 30, 2023
Science & Medicine
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Simon Shack, Revised by: Jesper Sampaio, Preliminary work by: Per Berglund, Foreword by: Nigel Howitt, Other primary creator: Patrik Holmqvist


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