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Simone Fontanelli - EFFEPÌ - for Fortepiano (1998)

Simone Fontanelli - EFFEPÌ - for Fortepiano (1998)

BySimone Fontanelli

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Simone Fontanelli (1961) EFFEPÌ - for Fortepiano (1998) Duration: 10' ca EFFEPÌ is a set of five different pieces. 1. CORALE IMMAGINARIO (Imaginary Choral) The source of this piece is the beginning of the melody of the Choral “Es ist genug”, by J.S.Bach. Its first four notes (A – B – C sharp – D sharp) are here transposed and quoted at the end. All the material before, is derived through a continuous transformation of that element creating a sort of winding path leading to the end, which comes as a natural conclusion. 2. BORDAL (Wine Song) Bordal is “wine song” in Hungarian, even though this piece is not in the form of a song. Yet, there must be the character of that, a very special one, originated while tasting a glass of very good wine. Let us have an image in our mind, the one of a nice man, a musician, who is a true connoisseur of wine and can taste it and enthusiastically describes all its fragrance as if it were music. 3. EXCUSE ME, WHERE IS THE WAY OUT? Hommage à Eugen Wörle, architect The character of the whole piece are already given in the first two lines, that is a gesture consisting of scales, more or less short, fragmented, interrupted. Directions have been chosen in order to give a sensation of a very frenetic motion. What comes after is like a game, played by transforming the above material. The approach is rather baroque, in the way of the Italian baroque Masters. About the title and the spirit of this piece, we must know that Eugen Wörle was the architect who, in 1969-1971, designed the building of the Hochschule Mozarteum in Salzburg. That building, demolished in the early 2000s, was always “problematic” to me when I visited it, for I lost my way every time, never finding the way out. This piece recalls that experience. 4. ULLI! This piece is strictly related to the 3rd one, since it gives the “solution” to that. That chaotic situation is now solved by this new piece with a “carillon” character and with a single-chord refrain. It is dedicate to Ulrike (Ulli) Godler, secretary at the Mozarteum, who can solve any problem you may have there. 5. …da un angelo sulle scale (...from an angel on the stairs) This piece was inspired by a poem by Susan Park (1926-2005). An Angel bright sat on my stair With sunlight streaming threw his hair He looked at me with mild surmise And sunlight shimmered in his eyes He smiled and spoke. When did depart The sunlight stayed within my heart.


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Sep 4, 2022
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By (author): Simone Fontanelli


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A4 (8.27 x 11.69 in / 210 x 297 mm)

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