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The FOA Fighting of Allah the “Nation of Gods and Earths Defense for Knowing Self”: A Study and History of the Black Gods ‘120’ Styles of the Martial Arts, the Supreme Book In Self Defense

BySoke Professor Khashon b Allah

The FOA the Fighting of Allah. the Nation of Gods and Earths "Defense for Knowing Self" is the first of its kind, a martial arts book mixed with the concepts of the 5% lessons of the 120 (Nation of Islam canon). From a religious point of view, it resembles the Buddhist Shaolin Monks of ancient China (who practiced Kung Fu while being versed in Buddhist principals). Mr. Allah explains the martial arts with the 120 lessons and has broken down each degree into a fighting form. His "Defense for Self" is the "knowledge of self" and thus martial arts becomes more than just physical movements, but the mental strategy's of awareness and how you conduct your-self wisely in combat. The Author believes the reader will enjoy the book and learn valuable teachings whether they trained in any forms of the martial arts or have any religious ways of life or not. Therefore the FOA is the Supreme book on mental and physical development and has been devised effectively for the advanced or novice practitioner.


Publication Date
Apr 28, 2016
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By (author): Soke Professor Khashon b Allah



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