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The Spiritual Reality of Judaism & Modern Christianity

BySonia Nicole Levi

Have you tried to be one who submits not realizing that it is Islamic? That is what happens when someone is groomed into a cult. It becomes a way of life until one finds that they are blending several religions into one and assuming that God is there without the Holy Spirit. There may be a god there but it is not the God of the Jews, Tetragrammaton shortened to the syllables YHVH. He extended salvation through all Jews, not just Jesus. John 4:22 says, "You worship what you do not know; we worship what we do know, for salvation is from the Jews." These words were stated in red denoting that they spoken by Jesus himself. Jesus died on the cross with the inscription INRI for the "King of the Jews" only. YHVH also changed his name to symbolically reflect that he is the God of the Jews and Gentiles to Jehovah JHVH still the shortened form of Tetragrammaton. Sabbath services are strictly forbidden on Saturdays in Judaism and Islam. When Ellen G. White received her vision to create a new Christian denomination, she thought in her mind that she had "carteblanche" to create an entirely new church system. She did not have "carteblanche" from Jesus or Jehovah as Seventh Day Adventists were an extension of bewildered Jehovah's Witnesses. Seventh Day Adventists are considered one of "The Asherah's" cults. This denomination is well known for attracting everyone to do the same things the same way "when" this is NOT wisdom. It is Satanic. Discover the meaning behind the man Jesus.  And all that the Abrahamic religions of Islam, Judaism to include Jewish Kabbalah, and Christianity have to offer to the neophyte and seasoned believer, prayerfully arrive at a place of truism where witches are stunned and find freedom in bowing at the name of Kyrios who is Jesus, Emmanuel, and his father JHVH.


Publication Date
Jul 3, 2023
Religion & Spirituality
Creative Commons NoDerivatives (CC BY-ND)
By (author): Sonia Nicole Levi



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