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Whimsical Magazine - Special Edition

Focus on Jenny Sharipova

BySonia Segura

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‘Whimsical Magazine, Tales Of Portraits... Whimsical Magazine is a new independent quarterly publication aiming to highlight and sublimize portrait photography in all its forms, envisioned as a work of art. Additionally to awesome and unique editorial or commercial portraits, every issue will consist of interviews and articles spotlighting talents, from every part of the world, who will inspire every photography and image enthusiast and stimulate you to excel in your art, in order to make you live your passion more completely. Passion, creativity and emotion are our 3 watchwords. The family portrait photographer Yevgeniya Sharipova was born and raised in Kazakhstan. She immigrated to the United States of America six years ago and began her career in photography when her youngest son was 6 months old. ‘It was my dear friend, who sparked my interest. She noticed my talent, and told me I have an eye for taking good shots. This is what motivated me to start on this journey.’ Her brand particularly focuses on telling the family’s story. Her design is to give them access to a legacy of portraits to hand down, showing the love and connection they share together, by capturing the natural and raw emotions representing the normal and natural family dynamic. ‘Family faces are magic mirror. Looking at people who belong to us, we see the past, present and future. Gail Lumet Buckley, American author and journalist Have a good read! Best regards, Sonia’


Publication Date
Jun 13, 2022
Art & Photography
Some Rights Reserved - Creative Commons (CC BY)
Editor-in-chief: Sonia Segura


Interior Color
A4 (8.27 x 11.69 in / 210 x 297 mm)

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