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Pay Me What I'm Worth

A Workbook to say it. Mean it. Get it.

BySoul Dancer

Low self-esteem? Feel worthless? What is worth about? Money? Health? Love? Power? Property? Reputation? Respect? Time? Wisdom? All the above? Pay Me What I'm Worth helps discover what you're really worth - on many levels. How? With common-sense and unique exercises. Each exercise explores what you have RIGHT NOW (and most likely forgotten). No calculators, spreadsheets or number-crunching involved – EVER! Enjoy a healthier self-esteem. More unconditionally loving relationships. Solid, long-term business connections. Learn skills to dissolve doubt, guilt, shame and worry one day, one step at a time. Create your Worth Passport® (a ten-page document) to gain and maintain a solid sense of who you are and why you're here - for a lifetime. As you learn and grow more aware of all your worth, you’ll naturally become more confident, clear and directed. People value confidence, clarity and passion. People will naturally want to pay you what you're worth. How? Do the exercises. Gain and maintain a healthy balance between giving and receiving - for a lifetime. When you buy this book invite those who you want to grow more healthy, relationships with - to take this journey with you. Think book club plus a work-out (worth-out) partner. Listen to / download real classes on iTunes at bit.lysuitunes


Publication Date
Apr 18, 2023
Personal Growth
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Soul Dancer



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