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The Perverted Cultivation System Chapter 1-10

BySouryourer Fate

Explicit Content
WARNING: RESTRICTED READ IT IF YOU ARE 18+ This novel contains sex, exhibitionism, rape, seduction, gender switching, and many other perverted things read it at your own risk and any words names are not represent real life people or place. Everything is just a story of imagination. “Yak! How smelly” “She is ugly too” “Sigh, this comments never change even though it is my birth day today” it has been like this all my life, I am 40 year old working as a freelance erotic game designer for a living because they don’t want me to come to their office for work. My mother died when I was a kid and my father abandoned me. All my life is useless no one to share, no lover, no friend no nothing. I hope if there is a next life I will definitely live a little better life. What is that thing it looked like a short sword but it is round and no edge. What is this why am I in this dorm again where are my stuff “Welcome to the perverted cultivation system” If you want to become beautiful and quench your lustful heart then earn the quest points from the system. look is this quest “go to school without underwear”.


Publication Date
Oct 11, 2020
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Souryourer Fate



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