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Unmasked Imagination

An Anthology of Small Hands and Big Voices

ByAlexis LawsonDante Poole

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Unmasked Imagination: An Anthology of Small Hands and Big Voices is a book of freedom and boundless expressions, for the people we should all listen closer to, children. This is a book filled with colorful prose, lyrical poetry, and sweet notes. It is dedicated to all the children forced into masks during the 2020 pandemic year, and for the students who were brave and took on a completely in-person school year, remaining flexible and nimble. This book is one of celebration, one of joy, and one of hope that a change is coming soon. This one is for the kids!


Publication Date
May 2, 2021
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
Edited by: Alexis Lawson, Foreword by: Dante Poole, Cover design or artwork by: Dejah Chapple, By (author): Liam Lordy, By (author): Rhys Clevenger, By (author): Abriyannah Carthen, By (author): Catalina Guerrero, By (author): Graham Palmer, By (author): Braeden Stimpson, By (author): Saraliz Vasquez, By (author): Brody Lovette, By (author): Arianna Balderas, By (author): Daniel Pate, By (author): Del’Mont Malloy, By (author): Jordan Edelman, By (author): Angel Cuevas, By (author): Nolan Monroe, By (author): Cassidy Moore, By (artist): Delilah Schoeman, By (artist): Melissa Delgado, By (artist): Addison Locklear, By (artist): Austin Elliot, By (artist): CJ Payton, By (artist): Marvin Maynor, By (artist): Landon Vinales, By (artist): Gael Pastrana, By (artist): Kylah Saunders, By (artist): Arriya Marsh, By (artist): Ashlyn Potts, By (artist): Ca’Ron Quick, By (artist): Elliot Schaefer, By (artist): Liah’sia Brooks, By (artist): Kaeden Ross, By (artist): Nathan Piercer, By (author): Zayda Taylor, By (author): Journee Spencer, By (author): Jasmine Spencer, By (author): De’Nali Johnson, By (author): Samiyah Bell, By (author): Karina Ramirez Ortiz, By (author): Aundrea Ingram, By (author): Andre Ingram, By (author): Laurena Starberry, By (author): Alyisah Savage Diaz, By (author): Anaya Morman, By (author): Kayla Hart, By (author): William Durtischi, By (author): Olivia Rodriguez, By (author): Courtney Moore, By (author): Nevaeh McKenzie, By (author): Cina Haas, By (author): Preston Remelius, By (author): Zion Hollyfield, By (author): Angel Spencer, By (author): Lilly Dew, By (author): De’von Frederick, By (author): Olivia Johnson, By (author): Isabella Haywood, By (author): Cydnee Roper, By (author): Bre’Asia McKoy, By (author): Alona Jones, By (author): Logan Fuerst, By (author): Jose Ramirez Ortiz, By (author): Kimora White, By (author): Latrel Jackson, By (author): Nylece Harris, By (author): Stephen McNeil


Interior Color
A5 (5.83 x 8.27 in / 148 x 210 mm)

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