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Spooky Stories: Creepy Fiction and Non-Fiction Tales and Poetry

ByGary HillHeath D. Alberts

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Do you have an appetite for horror and the world beyond our own? Prepare yourself for a veritable feast of eeriness, with prolific author Gary Hill as your guide into ghostly realms. “Spooky Stories” is an eclectic dive into the strange and chilling, featuring all-time classics of weird fiction from Poe, Lovecraft and other hallowed names and brand-new fictional tales including works by Heath Alberts, Elizabeth Lynn Blackson, Frank Coffman, Stephan Osborne and Gary Hill himself. Amid the pages of these stories you will encounter zombies on the prowl, a vampire on a transatlantic voyage, evil books of cursed sorcery, a ghost hunt gone terribly wrong and wicker furniture turned into weapons of murder. It’s a true buffet of the bizarre and brutal! There’s also a generous sampling of macabre poetry from masters of verse such as Longfellow, Robert Burns, John Donne and newer voices such as Ernie Fuhr and Frank Coffman. And finally, author Hill takes us on a tour haunted breweries and other spooky locations from across the United States and beyond. There’s enough weird entrees here to satisfy the appetite of even the most ghoulish gourmet. Enter the pages of “Spooky Stories” and lose yourself in a world of the gruesome and spectral! - Mike Korn (aka Dr. Abner Mality) chief mad scientist, editor and curator for Wormwood Chronicles


Publication Date
Sep 4, 2021
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By (author): Gary Hill, By (author): Heath D. Alberts, By (author): Elizabeth Lynn Blackson, By (author): Frank Coffman, By (author): Ernie Fuhr, By (author): Stephen Osborne


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