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Archangels and Demons

ByStephen Skelton

Inspired by John Milton’s 'Paradise Lost', 'Archangels and Demons' is the tale of two lovers, one half angel, the other half demon, drawn together by fate to test the boundaries of love and the soul. Set in the near future, Maia and her boyfriend Altair are thrown into an adventure of unspeakable danger when they discover an ancient parchment containing the language of the angels, left to the orphaned Maia as her only inheritance from her grandfather, Arthur who disappeared mysteriously when Maia was only a baby . The parchment foretells an unimaginable destiny for the human race if they can decipher its code. But it is the year 2030 and technology and the earth is ruled by a group known as The Faith. And Altair (16) Maia (15) Ben (15) and Alice (14) are a group of misfits in a rock band who have no future and even less talent. The fate of the earth all comes down to a simple choice, love or sacrifice and the amazing courage of a young girl who is guided by the ghost of her murdered grandfather.


Publication Date
Sep 29, 2011
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Stephen Skelton



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