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Guardians of Greatness - The Greatest Renaissance of the New Millennium

The Black Family United with Epidemic Problems Solved.

Bystephen sutherland

Welcome to Guardians of Greatness; This is the movement to get our communities right! This book was written by a graduate of Howard University College of Medicine class of 2014. We are restoring our Relationships, Families, Communities, Economies and Traditions - and we are making them better than ever -> in an Atmosphere of FUN and RECREATION. This full color book has Great New Games and Traditions that upgrades our culture -> in an Atmosphere of FUN and RECREATION. This book is the blueprint to end our epidemic problems QUICKLY -> in an Atmosphere of FUN and RECREATION. This is what we are doing in our communities right now. You are invited to participate. Get ready to be Surprised. The Epidemic Problems of our communities are **BRAND NEW**. Most of our epidemic problems did not exist in the 1950s - AT ALL. Since these problems are relatively NEW, we can fix them faster than they started. Fixing them IMMEDIATELY is actually The only way to fix these problems. This book is the blue print that lays everything out step by step. It's that time in history. We are going to fix all of our epidemic problems. We are going to flip our statistics right side up. - in an Atmosphere of FUN and RECREATION - and IMMEDIATELY This is for the culture of a great and awesome people. Get the Book. Play the games with your friends. Discuss the book. Let's launch the greatest renaissance of all time.


Publication Date
May 23, 2021
Personal Growth
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By (author): stephen sutherland



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