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I am fine: don't read this poem

I am fine: don't read this poem

BySteve Anc

Here is a book that leaves a footprint on the heart. I am fine: don't read this poem is one of those deep, sad, and metaphorical poetic books that are supposed to be read with unbroken concentration. Cleverly, each poem introduces answers to lots of ever-asked questions on peace, mental health, humanity, and self-love and the poet ( Steve Anc) had you in mind during the entire writing process. I am fine: don't read this poem is filled with broken pieces, ugly truth, and lots of lines for those that have been mentally misunderstood. The mood of some poems becomes much darker more intense and hard-hitting as you read. Finally, this book can also serve as peace for many souls, strength for the fading eyes, and self-care for the forgotten. What Others Say: This book of poetry is different from Steve Anc’s previous collections. This is his finest collection up to date. He is challenging the reader to face some hard truths about the abuse and suffering of the disenfranchised poor and to look at their own often denied mental health issues, but this is not a book of mournful angst. There is love, hopefulness, and joy, along with conversations with kinsmen his mother, and God that show the poet has come through his trials. There is indeed something for all awaiting the reader. And of course, written in Steve’s unique style, he wrings always has a strong ethereal spiritual essence which is a mirroring of his personality. Florence Rasmussen, a poet, United Kingdom ***** The author in progress, Steve Anc has done it again. The I am fine: don't read this poem is yet another wonderful collection of short pieces of poetry that convey deep soul and wisdom wrapped in an enigma. It almost feels as if he is speaking directly to the ails of the heart and mind. There is silver spilled upon his pages, and the book would do well gilt in glory. You'd almost think he had gorged the Philosopher's stone into his very being. A worthy addition to any library of works. Jason Cook, A Poet, Coder, United States Of America


Publication Date
Aug 10, 2022
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Steve Anc



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