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Trinosophia The 3 fold wisdom of the primordial tradition

Language of the Birds, Measure of Man, Science of the Soul

BySteve Kirton

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This volume represents a full and complete initiation into the Ancient Egyptian mystery traditions. So if you've ever wondered what the ritual and ceremony was that took place within the granite sarcophagus of the Kings chamber of the Giza pyramid, by showing the similarities between Vedic and Egyptian culture throughout the first 9 chapters, in the last chapter we can make fairly solid conclusions as to what was really going on in deep antiquity surrounding these ancient structures. Also from the evidence presented it suggests the Norse God Odin was an initiate of this ancient mystery tradition and we find many parallels between Scandinavian and Vedic mythologies. We also have archeological evidence to show this system of initiation actually dates back to at least 22,000BC, which makes it older than Atlantis and truly pre-deluvian in origin. Overall it shows how the Buddhas and Pharaohs played the same role in society and were taught a primordial form of shamanism, which later developed into Kabala, inscribed into the Egyptian tombs as the Pyramid texts, 'the book of coming forth by light', and how that system of mysticism influenced the surrounding Ancient Greek, Medieval European and Tibetan cultures. It also shows how this Ancient schema of initiation was encoded into the structure and imagery of the Tarot deck, which itself is identical to the highest form of Mahayana Buddhism, known as the 9th vehicle or Atiyoga (utmost yoga); ‘the supreme union of the self with the Great Perfection of the Primordial Buddhas mind’. Ultimately, the book describes the Ancient Egyptian belief in reincarnation and the immortal nature of the human soul, our souls implicit relationship to the cycles of time and eternity, and what it means to become truly enlightened according to the ancient wisdom tradition of the Perennial Philosophy.


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Aug 24, 2022
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By (author): Steve Kirton


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