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In the Shade of the Caribbean

BySteve Kralick

Writers, just like everyone else, often dream of far-off places; however, there is a tendency in the Caribbean-once you get the sand between your toes, it drives you insanely back again and again until you finally live there. What about family and friends? How do you divide the time and still keep pace with your work? Steve Kralick, an author with more than thirty-four years spent in the islands, explains the pro's and con's of trying to live the dream through his main character, Cole Benton. Join in the magic and tragic of island life. See what it's really like, and along the way, think about the examples learned from this fascinating novel of truth, dreams, torment, desires and love as Kralick, once again, weaves a tropical spell for all of us to garner on our way to paradise. Drift back in time to the early seventies in the US Virgin Islands. It's so real,you might wonder if Benton and Kralick are one and the same. Never mind. The lessons he teaches are the real treasures in this great read.


Publication Date
Oct 1, 2011
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Steve Kralick



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