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Content Marketing Loophole for Financial Professionals

BySteve Miller

Want Better Conversions from Your Lead Generation Content? Then Cut the Gimmicks and Keep it Simple! Ignore Articles with Titles Like, “the 5 Steps to Writing Sales Content”… …and Stop Trying to Dupe Your Customers This publication is equal parts rant, a course on content marketing and a public service announcement (that will hopefully influence the publishing of financial service content useful to the world). • Content that sells • Content that encourages subscribers • Content that energizes evangelist for the brand • Content that gets shared • Content that has a better chance of going viral This simple strategy takes what has worked for financial advisors since the first real estate agent used the newspaper to publish content to sell property to his prospects. Content marketing doesn’t have to be complicated or paralyzing. And this guide helps you establish a foundation in your marketing strategy to build on for future growth, establishing your brand identity and position in the market.


Publication Date
Jul 28, 2015
Business & Economics
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By (author): Steve Miller



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