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Mastering the Minor ii-7b5 V7b9 Bebop Scale

BySteve Neff

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"Mastering the Minor ii-7b5 V7b9 Bebop Scale" is a new approach to learning to play great jazz lines over a minor ii-V progression. If you have worked out of my "Mastering the Dominant Bebop Scale" book, you know that the bebop scale and the "bebop links" that can be added to it can be a powerful tool that can be used to create great sounding lines using the language of the jazz greats from the past. In this new book, I apply the principles of the bebop scale to a minor ii-7b5 V7b9 progression. It also includes 24 play along tracks to practice along with in all 12 keys. Lastly, I have included an overview video lesson that goes with this book to help you understand how to use each section for maximum benefits. Work out of this book for a few months and you will always have an abundance of ideas and lines to pull from over these minor progressions.


Publication Date
Mar 2, 2018
Education & Language
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Steve Neff


Coil Bound
Interior Color
Black & White
US Letter (8.5 x 11 in / 216 x 279 mm)

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