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Over 50's Boutique Travel Plan

BySteve Osburn

Many over 50's are already traveling the world and enjoying a life of semi or full retirement.International travel can be expensive as my wife and I discovered in 2005 when we first visited Africa.There was so much more of the world we wanted to see but we realized that we had to find a less expensive way to travel if we wanted to fulfill our travel dreams.Instead of making our travel agent richer we decided to do the research and plan our own trips. We found the best airlines and the cheapest airfares, we discovered "Boutique" guest houses and lots of little tips that not only saved us a lot of money but opened up a whole new way traveling. By using these newly discovered techniques we are now able to live overseas and travel when ever we want. We will show you how you can personalize your trip so you can see and do the things that you want to do and not what your travel agent tells you. This e book is full of our tried and proven techniques to save you money and allow you to plan the trip that you want.


Publication Date
Mar 8, 2015
Travel & Adventure
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By (author): Steve Osburn



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