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Johann Heinrich Heidegger on the Office of Doctor

BySteven Dilday

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Johann Heinrich Heidegger (1633-1698) was one of the great Swiss theologians of the seventeenth century. He served as Professor of Theology at Zurich from 1667 to 1698. Heidegger is remembered for his leading role in the drafting of the Formula Consensus Helveticus, a document, although moderate in tone, intended to unite the Swiss churches against the innovative theology of Saumur. His Corpus Theologiae Christianae is a massive and learned presentation of orthodox Reformed dogmatics. In the earliest days of the Church, and again at the time of the Reformation, there was a widespread consensus that there was an office of Doctor/Teacher, distinct from the office of Pastor. This office has all but disappeared from the life of the Reformed Churches. Is its disuse a reformation or a deformation of the Church? This translation of Heidegger's treatment of the office of Doctor is intended as a small contribution to the ongoing consideration of this important question. Domine, da lucem.


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Jan 4, 2017
Religion & Spirituality
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By (author): Steven Dilday


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