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Wildcats of Finance

Wildcats of Finance

BySteven Kim

Wildcat groups such as hedge funds have played a growing role in causing or aggravating blowups in the capital markets as well as the banking system. This guidebook exposes the reality behind the illusion of profits in the hedge fund game. In plain language, the primer explains knotty issues like the following. Why does the true performance of the wildcats remain hidden from view of the investing public? Why do the hedge funds destroy wealth? How can the operators enrich themselves by delivering worse results to their customers? How can public officials strengthen the markets? How could the economic liability of hedge funds be turned into a social asset? How can shrewd investors grow rather than wreck their capital? The main audience for the book consists of active investors and earnest policymakers. Other types of readers include concerned professionals in the financial community as well as thoughtful observers in all walks of life.


Publication Date
Oct 2, 2011
Business & Economics
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By (author): Steven Kim



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