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OSRIC 2.2 (HC)

OSRIC 2.2 (HC)

The 2.2 version

ByStuart Marshall

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OSRIC™ – First Edition Fantasy Roleplaying Old School Reference & Index Compilation™ is a complete ruleset in one magnificent, well-organized & indexed volume. It includes: • 413 spells • 285 monsters • 442 magic items • Official OSRIC™ character sheet template • Character creation rules for 7 races and 9 classes • Complete rules and tables for adventuring, exploration and combat • Over 100 original, never before published, illustrations OSRIC™ is first edition gaming, resurrected. In recent years, interest in that seminal style of play has increased among players eager to game using what is, to them, a new, fast-paced and exciting RPG system. OSRIC™ provides a re-presentation of the first edition rules allowing everyone to possess copies for personal use, and both professional and hobbyist publishers to support first edition gaming with new products in the marketplace with a simple and free license. First edition gaming is fantasy role-playing where creative game masters all over the world bring worlds of swords and sorcery, high fantasy, and other fantastical milieus of their own devising to life for their gaming groups—worlds with magical spells of fell power, corrupt empires and faded city-states, ancient and mysterious relics, huge dragons, and deep dungeons holding both golden treasures and gathering malevolencies both living and unliving. Players in these gaming groups develop characters; fighters noble or scurrilous, clerics holy or profane, thieves amoral or professional, and magic users mysterious, imperious or just not very serious—along with many other class varieties such as druids, assassins and illusionists to name only a handful. First edition gaming supports quick and easy character creation that puts players into the game quickly, where their characters develop freely, limited only by their imagination instead of by the false choice of pre-determined feat or power chains versus mechanically sub-optimal character builds. The result is pure, unadulterated fun—perhaps the fun you remember, perhaps the fun you’ve been looking for. It is the fun that role-playing games engendered when they were advanced without being bloated and excessively complicated. OSRIC™ puts that fun—that magic—back in your hands and at your table. • No need to seek permission from us for publishing expansions • No royalties or fees or licensing costs • Over 200 third-party modules & supplements already


Publication Date
Jan 11, 2011
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Stuart Marshall


Case Wrap
Interior Color
Black & White
US Letter (8.5 x 11 in / 216 x 279 mm)

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