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Stopping a dangerous Revolution

Stopping a dangerous Revolution

Providing insight into some of the biggest cultural and social challenges with solutions

ByStuart MillerWandaSue Bozeman

Explicit Content
I provide an in-depth, analytical, and philosophical explanation of why specific cultural and social issues exist. With each topic, I discuss what it is, give examples for each, and break down each example providing more detail of just some of the possible reasons as to why people do them (possible mentalities). I also give some of my own experiences and everything discussed in this book, I have personally witnessed and or have gone thru. I included the following: * Situations based on personal experience and or witnessing them, with some online research to support specific issues. * My perception, perspective, and mentality on various issues that affects everyone to some degree * Quotes that further support certain chapter topics * Philosophies, analogies, and comparisons to provide better contextual clarification on certain issues * Detailed breakdown of the examples provided within each chapter * Explanation of what it will take to help fix each of these issues * Some of the many possible reasons why people behave the way they do and some of the possible motives, intentions, and life experiences from both sides (the person doing the behavior and the person receiving the treatment) * Solutions to all the topics that are discussed (changes that we need to make with how we think and act towards others) Furthermore, I provide much thought-provoking material to challenge the way we think and view society, in ways you might not have considered. I discuss many unhealthy mentalities and behaviors which is damaging to people on a much larger scale and it's having a much greater influence on others both directly and indirectly in ways that we do not even realize. I see the world differently, and the purpose of this book is to share different ways of looking at situations and the numerous possibilities to take into consideration. I share my perception and perspective, viewpoint, mentality, and some of my own philosophies. I provide a more in-depth perspective of looking at a variety of life situations and the possible reasons why people choose to treat others the way they do. I think a lot of people might find this content in general interesting, beneficial, inspiring, and or even life-changing.


Publication Date
Apr 21, 2022
Personal Growth
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By (author): Stuart Miller, Cover design or artwork by: WandaSue Bozeman



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