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Wadhifat Shadhili Al-Yashurtiy

Wadhifat Shadhili Al-Yashurtiy

Daily mandatory invocation of Salawat and salaams By Shadhili Murid

BySultan Sheikh Yasin Muhammad Yaqeenu-llah Allamal Yaqeen Muhammad Shadhili Al-YashurtiySayed Abul Hassan Shadhili

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Washifat Tariqat Shadhili Al-Yashurtiy is the main wird ( salawaat &salaams upon Nabi Salah aleih wasallama peace be upon him of the highest status that was spiritually inspired to our master Moulay Abdu Salam bin Mashshi of Morocco his Tomb is on Mountain Alam, He lived between 550 and 650 Hijr. He is the Spiritual Master of Our Master Said Abul Hassan Shadhili the founder of Shadhili Tariqat. Said Abul Hassan met His Master at the cave on Mountain in seclusion for Dhikru-llah , and after teaching him the highest status salaams and salawaats that became Shadhili Wadhifa, he ordered him to go at a place called Shahdili in Tunisia and start to teach people this kind of salaams and salawat , so the name of that place became the name of fellowship as Tariqat Shadhili . After some years of teaching at Shadhili, Our Master Abul Hassan Migrated to Egypt where he is buried today at place called Humaithara, he was inherited by his Khalifah Abbas Al-Mursi, who was Inherited by Khalifah Ibn Ataillah Al-sakandariya, and more Khulafaau. But at the foundation land of Shadhili in Tunisia , A Shadhili Sheikh Ali Nurdin of Alyashurtiy tribe was ordered in a dream to travel to Jerusalem and stay near Masjidil Aqsa , he established his Shadhili center at Aqa in Jerusalem that became his foundation to spread Shadhili-Alyashurtiy Tariqa to East Africa and other, He focused on Both land towns and also Islands, when he reached at Comoros Island, he was embraced by Said Abdullah Darwish who met Said Muhammad Al-Marouf who spread Tariqa to East African Coast, he gave Ijaazat to Sheikh Mahmoud in Tanzania the father of Sheikh Hussein, the father of Sheikh Ali Nurdin Alyashurti of Tanzaniya all three buried at Kilwa Pande in Tanzania. The Son of our Master Sayed Muhammad Al-Marouf his name was Said Ali Wafah Spread Tariqat Shadhili-Alyashurtiy to Mombasa Kenya and to Uganda being helped by His son said Muhammad Al-Marouf Ibn said Ali Wafah who resided at Nakuru Kenya and was buried there, him and his father visited Uganda and met with Sultan Sheikh Shuaib Ibn Is-haq who belonged to royal family of Buganda Kingdom and thy gave him Ijaazat, he was inherited by his son Khalifah Sultan Sheikh Muhammad Ibn Sheikh Shuaib who is now the head of The Tariqa Shadhili Alyashurtiy in Uganda based at Katuumu Luwero District. Said Muhammad Al-Marouf Increased spread of Shadhili Al-Yashurtiy to Mauritius and Madagascar Islands of Southern Africa. Shadhili Has millions of followers in the world.


Publication Date
Aug 2, 2020
Religion & Spirituality
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By (author): Sultan Sheikh Yasin Muhammad Yaqeenu-llah Allamal Yaqeen Muhammad Shadhili Al-Yashurtiy, Original author: Sayed Abul Hassan Shadhili, Revised by: Sheikh Ali Nurdin Al-Yashurtiy, Edited by: Said Muhammd Almarouf Shadhili, Original author: Said Abdu Salaam Ibn Mashishi


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