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Please Don’t Say You Love Me!

A Guide To Care More About You And Less About Others

BySusan Zeppieri

Please Don’t Say You love Me! unpacks the all-too often ignored value of self-care and self-love. Life can present us innumerable circumstances which results in us asking, “where did I leave my values and goals?” This book will help you reset, reframe, reclaim your inner Self, towards a future vision embedded in the act of self-actualization through the various methods and tools that will pull you out from your place of stuck-ness, and into a space where you can become, once again, reacquainted with the Self that you lost along the way. Drawing on goal setting, time management, recognizing self-disappointment patterns, how to avoid approval-seeking behavior, Please Don’t Say You Love Me! Offers readers an opportunity to finally perceive their current life circumstances – however frustrating – with the desire to observe, question, and self-reflect on why their current path might be one riddled with toxicity, truncated connections, and a lack of self-awareness in daily life. Moreover, readers will determine their core values, as an integral first step towards pursuing a life nestled within love and purpose. Whatever your life journey, the messages contained within Please Don’t Say You Love Me! afford the 21st century reader with paradigm-shifting insights that will redesign their inner world, reconstruct obsolete psychological scaffolding, and pave the way for new transformational experiences as they move beyond the threshold, into the genesis of a Life 2.0.


Publication Date
May 14, 2022
Social Science
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Susan Zeppieri



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