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The Arts of Eastern Philosophy

ByBishnu Pathak, Ph.D.Susmita Bastola, Ph.D.

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Eastern P hilosophy (EP) has often been neglected in mainstream academic discourse. Philosophy is the way of looking at, understanding, interpreting, and fundamentally bringing together love and wisdom (lovism). This study contributes to a wider understanding of international relations and philosophies in a world where the balance of power is shifting and emerging as superpower countries India and China are increasingly growing in importance. Philosophy in general connects with human value, human life, family, society, nature, and the universe, and change is professed through the human mind, knowledge, reality, reason, and illusion, and relatively shares to pursue goodness to live a pleasing life. The objectives of this state of the art book are four fold: (1) to understand the fundamentals of the ancient EP; (2) to interpret basic concepts, thoughts, and teac hings of classical international relation related theories or peace spiritual insights of various wisdom within Chinese, Indian, Islamic, and Christian Missionaries; (3) to assist the Master's level students to participate actively in discussions and inter pretations and to create insights and critical thinking methods accordingly; and (4) to share the outcomes of philosophy actors/institutions globally. Applying networking t racking methods and or snowball techniques, the required information and literature are mostly gathered and reviewed based on archival research, exchanging and sharing the way forward along with lessons learned centric theoretical approach from yesterday , investigating the axiomatic truth to assist learners to get acq u a inted with different ancient and rich wisdom traditions for today and encoura ging hope more for not only privileged students but people of all tiers in the Eastern and Western world for better understanding the EP tomorrow for this pioneering researching book. This manuscript is prepared to function as a course or reference book on Eastern Philosophy, particularly in Europe and in other universities. The authors believe the book shall be an inspirational asset for disseminating Eastern philosophy and understanding it for all concerned academia, institutions, and society. The book addresses touched, inspired, and motivated learners as well as academics who want to study further on Buddhism, Chanakyaism, Christian Missionary, Confucianism, Gandhism, Ibn Khaldun, SunTzu’s Military Strategy, Taoism, General Philosophies, and differences between Eastern and


Publication Date
Apr 26, 2023
Religion & Spirituality
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By (author): Bishnu Pathak, Ph.D., By (author): Susmita Bastola, Ph.D.


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