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Let's get catty: Painting Realistic and Detailed Cats on Stone

BySuzi Chua

Created especially for cat lovers, the readers of Let's Get Catty will be delighted to discover just how much fun and easy it is to render realistic and detailed cats on stone. With 13 fun and easy projects, Let's Get Catty offers plenty of detailed photographs to get you kickstarted in painting beautiful felines on stones! Number of Pages : 86 File Format : PDF File Size : 15 MB Number of Lessons : 13 What is covered in Let's Get Catty : - Miniature cats by guest artist Lisa Carter - Sleepy and message kitty by guest artist Flora Tan - Painting a brown Persian cat - Painting a brown striped tabby - Painting a Japanese bobtail - Painting a Scottish fold cat - Painting a Siamese cat - Painting a Sphynx cat - Painting a Tortoiseshell and White cat - Painting a white Persian cat - Painting an American curl cat - Rockcat photos to inspire


Publication Date
Nov 4, 2008
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By (author): Suzi Chua



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