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"ETERNAL LIFE" by Margarita / 'The Master and Margarita" / WICCAN HOUSE / Church / ETERNAL LIFE / The UNIVERSE is classified, Margarita has an extraterrestrial power.

'The Master and Margarita' Church ETERNAL LIFE by Margarita S.K

BySvetlana Kozianenko

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The UNIVERSE is classified, Margarita has an extraterrestrial power. Sensational discovery of a new science! The QUEEN of the UNIVERSE reveals the secrets humanity needs to obtain eternal life on Earth. MARGARITA, self-identifying as a WICCAN queen and the Queen of the Universe, describes her birth into the world from infinity and the cosmos. She outlines her mission to enlighten humanity with a knowledge of the origins of the world and the need for all of them to align themselves with the law of love in order to obtain eternal life and not spend eternity in Hell. The high priestess of Earth, Queen of the cards or Queen of the Universe has presented a message for all on Earth, speaking as the author, who will mediate the message between the living and the dead. The first message for those on Earth is that the apocalyptic scare which occurred in December of 2012 actually brought us into a new dimension of Hell. Only the messenger, the Queen of the Universe, can reveal the way to enter the Paradise dimension from this eternal Hell. Before continuing her revelation, the messenger flips her Tarot cards, which represent her and her mission. The cards also empower her to remove any dark forces or curses from those who come to her for help. She explains each card and the destiny inscribed in all of them. The Queen of the Universe reveals herself to be the Great Babylon, having arrived in history as a protection and a house of refuge unlike any other. She was born of the cosmos and communed with the auras around her before humanity came to be on Earth, and then the evil demons, opposed to the magic of love and therefore opposed to humanity, also manifested on Earth to destroy them. She arrives, eventually, in the cult of the Wiccans, and is crowned their Queen as well, as they have learned to see the future and recognize her as the one who can usher them into the House of Paradise. Margarita reveals that her name comes from or is related to the 20th century Russian novel by Mikhail Bulgakov, who writes of the devil’s visit to the atheistic Soviet Union. She reports that Bulgakov was associated with Freemasonry, a system which speaks to the validity of Margarita’s message. She reveals that love is the greatest law and humanity must be adopted by love to enter the House of Paradise. Humans must submit to the law of love by finding their loved one, or finding a couple’s love. Only then can they be given the passport of love which will usher them into eternal


Publication Date
Nov 8, 2023
Religion & Spirituality
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Svetlana Kozianenko


Interior Color
US Letter (8.5 x 11 in / 216 x 279 mm)

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