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How to Retire Early With Low Savings

Learn Strategies to Generate High Monthly Income With Low Risk

ByTarun Shah

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How much do you need to retire? $500K? $1 Million? It’s not how much money you save, it’s how much income your savings can generate. For example, if you have $1,000,000 saved, and invest in safe bonds (paying 1% today), you generate only ~$880/month. However, if you have $500,000 saved and can generate 8% per year safely, that is ~$3,400/month. Much better. Generating high monthly income with low risk is very hard to do in today's overvalued stock market and low-yield bond market. The solution is “covered calls”. Covered calls are “options” used to generate high income with lower risk, and are effective whether markets are going up or down. They used to be complex and reserved for the financially savvy, but it is now as easy as buying a stock. In the book “How to Retire Early,” I show you steps to generate high monthly income with low risk - no prior financial knowledge required. What you will learn: Which high-income investments to avoid and why The bucket strategy and why it is important A NEW simple set-it-and-forget-it investment that provides high monthly income + downside protection + growth + low fees; perfect for retirees with low savings An active strategy for even higher returns Follow the steps I outline in the book – and you can retire sooner than you think.


Publication Date
Jan 17, 2022
Business & Economics
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By (author): Tarun Shah


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