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Cottrell-Lashbrook-Brashear-Campbell Family Lineage, Volume III

Cottrell-Lashbrook-Brashear-Campbell Family Lineage, Volume III

Brashear Ancestry

ByTC Cottrell

In this four volume set the author traces his Cottrell, Lashbrook, Brashear, and Campbell Family Lineage from Europe to the present day. Details on descendants of each generation is carried down through at least four descendant generations when known. Information on living persons is is either excluded or intentionally limited. Volume I and II include an overview of the author's Father's beginnings (Cottrell and Lashbrook Lines). Volume III and IV include an overview of the author's Mother's beginnings (Brashear and Campbell Lines). All four volumes contain details on the author's birth family as well as a summary of the author's life to the present day. Sources are extensively documented. Timeline and ancestor charts are also included as well as an "all name" index for each volume that provides page number references for each individual found in the respective volume. Much of the information in each volume, especially the documents and photographs, were passed down within the author's family and have not previously been published outside other published works by the author. Volume III traces the author's Brashear ancestry back to Robert Brasseur the Huguenot who was born around 1598 in France. Robert was the author's eighth great-grandfather. His parents are unknown. Although not proven, his wife may have been Elizabeth Fowke. Robert's family were among those who fled France for England during the Catholic persecution of the Huguenots. Family legend says that Robert spent some years in Isle of Thanet in Kent County, England before immigrating to America around 1635 and settling in Virginia with at least seven children including the author's seventh great-grandfather Benjamin (Benois). This PDF downloadable version contains the same information as the print version except at a much lower price.


Publication Date
Jun 30, 2020
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): TC Cottrell



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