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Cottrell-Lashbrook-Brashear-Campbell Family Lineage, Volume V

Cottrell-Lashbrook-Brashear-Campbell Family Lineage, Volume V

Cosby Ancestry of Taylor Cosby Cottrell, Jr.

ByTC Cottrell

The original four volume set is being expanded to six volumes to incorporate two additional ancestorial lines (Cosby and Taylor). In this set the author traces his Cottrell, Lashbrook, Brashear, and Campbell Family Lineage from Europe to the present day. Details on descendants of each generation is carried down through at least four descendant generations when known. Volume I and II cover the author's Father's beginnings (Cottrell and Lashbrook Lines). Volumes III and IV cover the author's Mother's beginnings (Brashear and Campbell Lines). This Volume, Volume V, covers the author's Cosby Line. Volume VI (soon to be published) covers the author's Taylor Line. Sources are extensively documented. Ancestor charts are also included as well as an "all name" index for each volume that provides page number references for each individual found in the respective volume. This Volume (Volume V) traces the author's Cosby ancestry to Francis Cosby who was the author's 11th Great-Grandfather. Francis was born around 1510 in England. His grandson Charles Cosby, who was born in Ireland, was the first Cosby in the author's lineage to immigrate to the New World and settle in York County, Virginia.


Publication Date
Feb 18, 2022
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By (author): TC Cottrell



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