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The European Union! Should We Stay Or Should We Go?

Did We Have Enough Information To Make Our Decision?

ByTed Moss

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This little book investigates the pros and cons of our membership of the European Union. I admit from the start that I did not have all of the information when I was invited to cast my vote and it was a chance reading that caused me to vote the way I did. Since the result of the vote has been ignored I have made it my business to learn all I can about the European Union. How it functions, who gains the most and who gains the least (there do not appear to be any outright losers) and how it has affected our life, good or bad in the United Kingdom; and what I have discovered has made me even more sure of my decision. If, in keeping with the rest of the country, you felt that you were having to take a view based on limited knowledge I feel that the contents of this little book will introduce you to great food for thought and if you voted a certain way you will be even more sure of your stance as indeed I was. Whatever way you voted I think what you are about to read will either change your mind over your decision completely; at any rate, I feel sure it will introduce you to issues of which, you might not have been aware.


Publication Date
Nov 25, 2020
Social Science
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By (author): Ted Moss


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Interior Color
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