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The Cure for All Disease

ByTerry Cooksey

The Cure For All Disease is the Owner's Manual for your body. There is a cure for all disease. It is 100% Natural and costs only a few dollars each month. Your body heals you by giving it what it needs and making sure you avoid the poisons that cause all disease. The Author teaches you how to clean up your current diet and also gives you details on other things you can do to improve your health ...This book was written by a man who cured himself of 10 diseases doctors REFUSE to cure. And did so after doctors said he would be on dialysis or dead by 2009. Before then, the Author did not know that doctors cure no one. YOU must decide whether to remain without hope as you have with all doctors - OR... Learn how to use Natural Science to restore your Natural body to health to rid it of all disease. For those who choose Life and freedom from sickness, this book was written for YOU! ...A short and to the point book to get you cured of all disease as quickly as possible - The Cure For All Disease


Publication Date
Nov 2, 2014
Science & Medicine
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Terry Cooksey



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