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I'm In Love With an Alien! - Advice for Off-Planet Romances

ByThe Abbotts

Have you ever wondered why you are so unlike other people? Have your romances ended badly and you just can't work out why? And who is the best choice of life partner for you? This new book by The Abbotts paranormal experts, explain why you are so different. They believe that we have all had previous lives on distant galaxies that make us the man or woman that we are today. This also explains why some Off-planet characteristics in potential lovers are just not very compatible with our own, while others fit the role, perfectly! Learn about your own abilities and characteristics and find out who will be the best match, moderate catch and least likely person to form a loving partnership with in this life! A unique and special book that will give you and your friends hours of fun and knowledge! In 14pt print for easy reading. Illustrated.


Publication Date
Nov 25, 2013
Parenting & Families
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By (author): The Abbotts



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