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Monsters of Myth

Monsters of Myth

ByThe First Edition Society

Full‑size Preview: In the Tradition of the Original Monster Manuals Monsters of Myth is the premiere collection of OSRIC™ monsters and contains more than 150 new creatures for use with First Edition-compatible games. In addition to contributions provided by many new authors, including Stuart Marshall, Matt Finch and B. J. Poirot, a special section of the book is devoted to material by Stephen R. Marsh, the noted contributor to TSR’s Blackmoor and Eldritch Wizardry. The entries for Monsters of Myth are detailed in a First-Edition-compatible format, and feature over 75 evocative illustrations, including works by Mark Ahmed, Matt Finch, and Peter Mullen. A companion in the spirit of the monster collections from the 1970s and 1980s, Monsters of Myth will provide game masters with many unique challenges with which to test their players! This project was made possible by the release of OSRIC. “I tried pretty hard to find some faults with Monsters of Myth and could find none that bear any worth in mentioning. By itself… Monsters of Myth is an excellent supplement… If you’re looking for new and unique monsters in an arguably very crowded field… Monsters of Myth won’t disappoint you and will be worthy for your… library.” —Derrick “Omote” Landwehr


Publication Date
Sep 29, 2011
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By (author): The First Edition Society



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