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After The Clouds, The Sun

(Post Nubila Phoebus)

ByThe Rogue Scholars CollectiveC. D. Johnson

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For a time, it seemed as if the world itself was losing its spin. But what it didn’t lose is the abundance of words to describe its melancholies, exuberations, and indignations — words spun and woven from the minds of the POET who from antiquity to modernity has struggled to not only understand the nature of the collective struggle, but to employ the ART in putting it to paper and voice, so that it may be plainly understood by all: «We are the Perennials of the Earth and this is our lot.» The multitudes of Poets still howl across the assembled masses today, just as they once did in ancient Chalcis. But is anybody listening? In the time of Covid-19, the audience is so much thinner, so much more distracted than before. So many other things out there to be paying attention to. And yet, the world is not done with poetry. Possibly because at some point, someone actually bothers to pick up the Poets' work and take the time to read the laborious lines — without all the emotionally charged rhetoric, hype and hoopla we’ve grown used to — and compare them in a fairer light than what is usually offered to us in the immediate. And then, they may find themselves sitting on a field somewhere in Chalcis (symbolically), rooting for the brooding underdog Poet with peculiar manners, profound thoughts, and proactive passions who speaks in normal tones and not the woefully misappropriated rhythmic mimicry of the panderers and the pulpits. Here in this volume, many many words...many many voices. Post Nubila Phoebus. After the Clouds, the Sun...


Publication Date
Feb 8, 2021
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): The Rogue Scholars Collective, Edited by: C. D. Johnson


Perfect Bound
Interior Color
Black & White
US Trade (6 x 9 in / 152 x 229 mm)

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