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The Holy Bible

ByThe Rose Bible Part 2

a personal canon based on the 81 book Apostolic Ethiopian Church canon. please download first for free. also there is a formatting error, with headers not displayed.and also other works that have been apostolic canon at various times. it does not have Ethiopian Clement, as I could not find a copy in English, but it does have one of his Apostolic letters as pope. The Evanglion is included, but has never been canon, but Catholic tradition as, this is where we get the names for Mother Marys parents, Sts. Anne and Joachim. I dedicate this book the Mother Mary, I call it the Rose Bible, she has been ever present in my life even though I did not deserve her compassion. to remind you and I of the seriousness of Canon, I include a letter of St.Jerome, may you find it useful.there are 3 parts. Part one Genesis to through to the second part starting with Job, and the third part with Evanglion to start and no additions to the new testament, then 1 Clement and St.Jerome. God Bless.


Publication Date
Sep 28, 2011
Religion & Spirituality
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By (author): The Rose Bible Part 2



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