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Alex's Quest

ByT.H.M. Scott

Alex’s parents have been missing for seven years. On his twelfth birthday, Auntie Sisteen hands him a letter from them that turns his world upside down. His parents write they are held captive in a secret world called Pheosa and are in serious jeopardy. Only he can save them from a Dark Energy Source that has invaded the secret world of Pheosa. But how? Alex is a cowardice twelve-year old boy who lives with his straight-laced Auntie Sisteen and his boorish Uncle Merkle, along with his feisty ten-year old sister Lily, in the small town of Turnook. In a letter, Alex’s parents ask for his help. The letter holds clues that, once deciphered, lead him and his younger sister Lily on a journey into the secret world of Pheosa. Alex’s Quest spills over with intriguing characters, unforeseen events and a Ball of Light that guides Alex towards his parents, and teaches him not only patience and courage but also the most important lesson of all, ‘ light truly does supercede darkness.’


Publication Date
Sep 29, 2011
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): T.H.M. Scott



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