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Navigating Beyond Crisis

ByThomas LahnthalerAnisa Goshi

This practical and highly relevant book brings a needed breeze of fresh air in crisis management. Based on his personal experiences managing complex crises globally, Thomas Lahnthaler presents a human-centric approach to managing crises. Taking a starting point in captivating anecdotes from his work in humanitarian crisis management, Lahnthaler explores different relevant angles when faced with seemingly overwhelming contexts that constantly create new challenges and increase in complexity. He argues that instead of focusing on the abstract concept of uncertainty, we should work on developing habits and skills that help us strengthen our innate resilience and get ready for the unknown. This book catapults the reader into the depth and complexity we face when dealing with a crisis from the first sentence. Covering effective communication and resource-based management to a systemic understanding of crises and dealing with people, emotions, and human dynamics as the core of all crises, the author shares his experience and approach to navigating beyond challenging complex circumstances. Lahnthaler offers his tools for decision-making and habitual readiness and easy-to-use models for anyone with lessons that are easily transferable between sectors and relevant for individuals, leaders, and organizations. Navigating Beyond Crisis guides without dictating. It helps offers a range of simple and practical steps, tools, and habits that aid reflection and are immediately applicable in daily work. Reading this book will change how you look upon crises and crisis management by helping you reflect on your experiences dealing with crises at the personal and professional level and by leaving you with a rich and practical toolbox to choose from when you stand in the middle of the next storm.


Publication Date
Jun 21, 2022
Business & Economics
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Thomas Lahnthaler, Foreword by: Anisa Goshi, Illustrated by: Colin Docherty



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