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Rhymes of Reason-The Medication is Meditative

ByThomas Million

these are some rhymes that took over 2 years to compile. I was searching for quotes or lines that were deep and made sense. I didn't use every thought i had, but on some days I would get on a roll, other times I didn't pick up the pen for days or even a week. I think that this was a good excersise on the riddle and parodoxes of life and writing. I have pretty much stopped writing rhymes; reason being is they are sort of childish and reak of idioticy at times. My thoughts have grown more complex, and I don't at this time think that simple rhymes can project them truthfully or throughly. But hell, if I think a line is worthy I still jot it down, it is good to look at my work months or years later and consider that I a simple man had that thought or seen that thing happen. peace and love to all this year and forever


Publication Date
Sep 28, 2011
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Thomas Million



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