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OS 012 BASIC & USER Applications

ByThor Hammaraxx

OS 012 is both a playful and a descriptive title signifying a recent phenomenon that is spreading worldwide via the internet. This phenomenon has now spread to you via this book, and now you are a link in a network that spans all over the world. OS 012 is often quite tricky and elusive to understand at first. OS 012 has a logical system that can be taught, but its intuitive side must be caught. The letters O & S contain more than one meaning. In the playful sense, OS stands for Operating System, as in an Operating System for Human Being, merely referencing the ironic twist between binary code for computers (0/1) and a natural ‘ternary’ code of perception for complex and novel human being (0/1/2). O & S can also signify Objective and Subjective, as OS 012 references the play between object and subject, or the perceived and the perceiver. This is the first printed version of OS 012 but is not the final version. There will never be a final version. It is in constant evolution.


Publication Date
Oct 27, 2011
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All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Thor Hammaraxx



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