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Everyday Kind of Love

ByTiffany Flanery

Fresh out of high school,Erin Summers has to make the decision of a lifetime. Will it be gorgeous but short tempered Jake, or sweet Robert that no matter what, just can't say what's on his mind? She had it all figured out, going with Jake was the easiest choice she had ever made, until the concealed kiss shared by her and Robert sends her flying on cloud nine. She finds herself battling her own self-image, along with covering the many bruises and muffled cries in the middle of the night with those deep, blue eyes and forced smile. For Robert, with boyish charms and adorable looks, has had relationship problems from the get-go. He finds it hard to lose yet another girl that he's cared about. Removing that engagement ring from her hand, put on by another guy just seems to get much more appealing with each passing second. He envisions her all in white and placing a silver band on her left hand, yet with everything that happens, that's one day dream that might just have to be kept to himself.


Publication Date
Sep 27, 2011
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Tiffany Flanery



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