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Negative Self-Talk: How To Beat It And Turn To Positive Thinking

ByTimony Clark

People waste a lot of time convincing ourselves that we aren't good enough, clever enough, skilled enough, or slim enough. They persuade themselves that they're unworthy of the things they desire. Or even that the things we desire will never come to pass, or that if they do, they would be unsatisfactory. The negative self-talk has a significant impact on us unconsciously. We are more inclined to make an attempt to attain something if we believe it is achievable. We won't bother attempting if we believe it's impossible. This book will show you: How your thoughts affect your body in a tangible way. The way you think does affect your overall physical health such as blood pressure, muscular tension, appetite, weight, heartbeat rate, and even the amount of perspiration on your palms. Those are very powerful bodily responses to how we feel and think! This book will teach you how you can choose and change the way you think without affecting your relationship with anyone. You can truly become a better person with your desire personality and get along with everyone..


Publication Date
Jul 31, 2021
Personal Growth
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By (author): Timony Clark



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